End-of-Life Management Toolkit #2: How-to Choose Your Executor

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Passare.com™ and Robert L. Shepard explain how to select and assign an executor.

Now that you’ve written a will, who’s going to carry out your specific instructions for asset management?

The executor is the administrator of your will and in charge of fulfilling your end-of-life wishes. Your executor prepares, organizes and manages your after death responsibilities and is the one to honor your end-of-life directives.

You will learn in End-of-Life Management Toolkit #2: How-to Choose Your Executor

  1. What is an executor?
  2. Executor duties and responsibilities
  3. Executor power
  4. Benefits to being an executor
  5. The difference between a trustee and an executor
  6. What’s next

Documents include:

  1. Executor Checklist
  2. Example of a Power of Attorney
  3. Glossary of Executor Terms

To get the most out of this tool, complete all the exercises at the end of each section. Use the Checklist to draft your Power of Attorney and review the example provided at the end of this document. The Glossary of Terms gives you definitions for underlined words.

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