Final Boarding Call

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Why not spent the afterlife on the water? But not on a normal ship – on a floating cemetery.

An architecture company in Hong Kong introduced a a prototype called “Floating Eternity.” The Floating Eternity or Columbarium is literally a floating cemetery on the ocean. Columbarium is considered 100% mobile and fits perfectly with the best spot in the Hong Kong marina territory.
The proposal for this prototype is in the Journal of Hong Kong Institute of Architects, and has gained considerable press worldwide. The final endorsement however will depend on private and public sectors both approving the initiative.
The idea of a floating cemetery came about because Hong Kong is considered one of the most densely populated areas in the world, which means the mortality rate is also rising. This is directly correlated to the space for cemeteries because the cemetery space is driven by land supply. The various cemetery types including hillside cemetery, graveyards, multi-story columbarium, are now limited because of the growing number of deaths.
The floating cemetery would gain its energy from tidal power. For a conventional Columbarium, urns will be stored in the walls, which rotate on a track and give balanced opportunity for orientation and viewing. There would also be a restaurant, food court, and grass deck for dining on the premises.

Would you step aboard the graveyard cruise ship?

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