Why Do We Avoid The Subject Of Death?

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Our natural tendency is to avoid the thought of death because it scares us and fear is an uncomfortable emotion. But what is it about death that makes us so uncomfortable?

Below are 5 reasons why we avoid thinking about death and tips on how to work through them:

1. Denial

Researchers at Deakin University in Australia found that the ability to accept what can’t be changed was a major predictor of life satisfaction among older adults living in residential care.
Everyone is going to die. Embrace the inevitable.

2. Regrets

If we live each moment like it is our last, we’ll leave this earth with a clean slate and no regrets. Whether it’s by tying up loose ends or appreciating the people and things around you, leaving with no regrets provides a healthy outlook on death. Being in the present moment helps us to not only get the most out of our lives, but also to come to an acceptance of death.

3. Lack of preparation

Giving a serious thought to what you want when you pass can lift the burden off of your family who will have to deal with an unprepared death.

4. Feeling alone

We tend to avoid what is not familiar. Speaking with others that share your thoughts on death can validate your feelings and help you accept your fears. Reaching out to your community or speaking to someone you trust about the topic can alleviate the fear.

5. Foreign emotion

Really analyze your beliefs about death and then see what eases you mind. In the Zen tradition, living and dying is happening in each moment — the inhale is life, and the exhale is death.

What eases your mind about death?

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