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Cost Benefits Of Life Insurance

October 14th, 2013 by Jeff A. Perry


Life insurance is a unique financial instrument that can be used to support a variety of needs. Since there are many types of life insurance policies, it is important to understand their particular benefits and limitations.

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10 Tips on How-to Choose Life Insurance

October 9th, 2013 by Passare


If your employer does not provide life insurance benefits and you would like to choose an insurance plan for yourself, there are certain critical components to keep in mind. Most importantly, you need to determine how much life insurance you actually need to cover your family’s expenses after you’re gone.

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Probate Planning – Infographic

October 4th, 2013 by Passare


Probate originally meant “relating to proof; afterwards, relating to the proof of wills.” The proof before an ordinary, surrogate, register or other duly authorized person that a document produced before him for official recognition and registration, and alleged to be the last will and testament of a certain deceased person is such reality. – Black’s […]

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