Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your Estate shutterstock 279906161.jpgtop5 Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your Estate Estate planning

Remember, if you don’t take control of your estate plan, someone else will and default rules will apply, whether or not they make good sense for your particular situation.

Here are the 5 core reasons why you should organize your estate:

  1. Without an estate plan you lose the ability to name a trusted individual to act on your behalf if you become disabled or unable to manage your own affairs during your lifetime.
  2. Your assets may not go where you want them to go.
  3. You forfeit your right to name a personal representative, trustee, and guardian.
  4. You lose the opportunity to protect your assets.
  5. You may pay more estate taxes.

TIP: Your estate plan does not need to be overly complicated, but it should be well thought out. It is your plan based on your decisions and your goals. Estate planning allows you to control the outcome of your life’s efforts.

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