End-of-Life Management eBook #8: How-to Store Your Documents

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Passare.com™ and YCollaborative™ have teamed up to present the best document storage and access recommendations for your most important End-of-Life planning documents.

A common question people have after writing a Will, creating an Estate Plan, or establishing an Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHD), is, “Where should I store these critical documents?” You must keep official documents like these, which are full of invaluable personal information, in a safe, secure storage space. Since these documents are the key to your daily life, and your loved ones’ inheritance, it is important to understand how to establish proper access privileges to keep your most important documents protected. You will need a “key” or “road map” so that the individual(s) you choose to allow to read and retrieve this important information can clearly understand your wishes. You may have a combination of paper and digital assets to store, so a plan to keep both secure is important. Digital assets include online account information, social media accounts, bank information, photographs and videos, and more.

You will learn in End-of-Life Management eBook #8: How-to Store Your Documents

  1. What Types of Legal Documents to Store
  2. How to Store and Access Your Will
  3. How-to Store the AHD and DNR Forms
  4. How-to Store and Access Your Life Insurance
  5. How-to Store and Access Your Digital Assets
  6. What are Important Estate Plan Documents
  7. Copying and Storage of Important Documents

The eBook includes:

  1. My Basic Information Checklist
  2. My Document Checklist

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