5 Things Death Can Teach Us – Part 1

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The death of a loved one naturally gives thought to our own mortality. Unfortunately, these thoughts are brief, lasting until we are back to our daily, usually rushed, routines of life. It is so often said, “life is short.”

Life is fragile

We take so many of our life’s situations and circumstances for granted. It is usually the death of a loved one or a close friend that heightens our sense of the fragility of life.

Slow down

When did you last sit or walk and marvel at the beauty of nature; notice the individual petals of a rose; stare into the waves of the ocean; experience and appreciate the innocent smile of a child; inhale and enjoy the aroma of a cup of coffee or tea; or, spend quality time with family and friends without cell phone and text interruptions?

Find beauty in everything

When you live a life of gratitude, you tend to find the positive in every situation. Find things each day to be grateful for.

Enjoy Life

Don’t worry too much about everything. Try to find your personal happy place and situations.

Live a good life

Try to lead a good life where you can enjoy quality relationships with your closed ones and spread happiness and love around you.

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  1. James Thomas

    This is so true and has a better out look on life and point out what we all need to start doing
    Thank you so very much and have a blessed day and a better tomorrow!

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