5 Things Death Can Teach Us – Part 2

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Have you heard the expression, “Time is a great healer…”? When experiencing the loss of a loved one, it means that although each person’s time frame is unique, the intense emotion that often follows the death of a loved one will lessen with the passing of time.

As deep grief subsides, we can begin to reflect on the life our loved one lived. We can consider a philosophical approach to what death can teach us about life.

Death gives a new meaning to life

Death makes people realize they need to do something meaningful in their lives and must set their goals and do everything to fulfill them. During this time people can realize the unfulfilled dreams of their own life. There are so many things that we want to do but only a finite amount of time in which to do them.

The Death of a loved one naturally highlights the question of mortality

The death of a loved one naturally results in our thinking about our own mortality, and that of our surviving loved ones. Most people feel that life is too short; that there are so many things they would love to do, if only there were time enough to do them. Death helps us clarify what we want to experience today, pass on to others, and leave behind, from our own well-lived life.

Death teaches us to enjoy life

Death teaches us to enjoy and appreciate our own life. It’s easy to become so busy in our daily routines that we forget to set aside time for the small things in life that give us great joy, like laughing with our friends, playing with our children, or watching a beautiful sunrise.

Death can teach us to have gratitude

To live a satisfying life, it is essential to experience gratitude. Gratitude helps us see the positives and possibilities in every situation. Setting a goal to find something each day for which to be grateful increases our feelings of self-worth. Consider the value you have, and what you may give to others. Show kindness and compassion. Find the joy and passion within you, and share your gifts with those around you. Life is precious, and also fragile. We should remember to appreciate ourselves, our surviving loved ones, and the gifts we have, each day.

Death teaches us a lot about how to get the most out of our lives

Try to lead a good life where you can enjoy quality relationships with your closed ones, and spread happiness and love around you. Death can help us appreciate and enjoy quality relationships with our loved ones, and leave behind a legacy of love and gratitude.

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