Why Think About an End-of-Life Plan?

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Most Americans understand the importance of financially preparing for retirement but fewer prepare for End-of-Life in the same way.

While it’s encouraging that more than 70% of Americans over 60 have Living Wills or AHD in place,  there are still some segments of society that are not in line with the growing trend.

A recent story in the Huffington Post cites a new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine that argues awareness about Advance Directives is directly tied to race, education and socioeconomic status.

Dr. Jaya Rao, lead researcher for the study said, “Among African-Americans and Latino residents, Advance Directives were less frequent across all educational groups. This data suggests racial and educational disparities in Advance Directive completion and highlights the need for education.”

One of Passare’s goals is to educate people of all ages on how to plan for End-of-Life so they have more control over their long-term health care. The first step is to seek out help from professionals like Sunrise Senior Living, the organization featured in the story, which helps seniors develop an End-of-Life Plan while providing them with independent and assisted living options.

“It’s important to give careful thought to making decisions about End-of-Life care,” said Sunrise Vice President Rita Altman. “At Sunrise, we focus on providing residents with ongoing support. Knowing their End-of-Life plan enables us to provide personal care that is aligned with their wishes.”

At Passare, we are dedicated to help you start the End-of-Life conversation, so that one day, creating Advance Health Directives will be as common as opening a retirement fund.

Read the full story here.

Passare.com  Why Think About an End of Life Plan? living will end of life directives end of life AHD Advance Directive

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