Understanding US Veteran Benefits and Services

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As a US military Veteran or Servicemember, you have earned our nation’s gratitude. Whether you served during wartime or peacetime, are on active duty, or are retired, Passare recognizes and honors your dedication to our country.
As part of our eBook series, Passare™ shares information and resources to help US Veterans and their families understand available Veteran benefits and services to prepare for and manage End-of-Life planning.

You Will Learn About:

1. Introduction to End-of-Life Management and Planning

2. Who are US Veterans?

3. Benefit and Service Eligibility

4. End-of-Life Benefits and Services

5. Financial Resources

6. How-to Apply for VA Benefits and Services

7. How-to Manage Your VA Claim

8. Summary

The eBook Includes:

A. US Veteran Benefits and Services Resource List

B. US Veteran and Services Frequently Asked Questions

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