End-of-Life Healthcare Benefits for Veterans

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Approximately 25% of all Americans who pass away each year are US Veterans; men and women who have honorably served in the US Armed Forces.
Yet only 4% of those Veterans utilize valuable End-of-Life healthcare benefits they have earned from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

End-of-Life care costs can add up quickly, particularly for Veterans who may have healthcare challenges as a result of their dedication and service. The VA offers important resources to help Veterans Servicemen and their families to manage End-of-Life healthcare.

Healthcare Benefits for Elderly Veterans

The VA provides a variety of healthcare benefits specifically for elderly Veterans, including geriatric health care and long-term care programs.

Geriatrics and Long-Term Care

Geriatrics is healthcare for elderly Veterans with complex needs. Extended care or long-term care are programs for Veterans who need daily support and assistance with practical tasks like meals, medication, bathing and dressing.

Learn more about End-of-Life healthcare benefits for Veterans downloading our free guide.


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