Aging With Grace: My Dad, My Role Model

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Author David Gellar loves his dad and has always seen him as a role model. While his dad is now in his 80’s, aging wasn’t something David particularly noticed.
Then his dad was hospitalized with kidney trouble. Next he fell and broke his hip. At a time when most people would be lamenting the struggle of aging and bad luck, Gellar’s dad called the whole situation “a net gain.”

When it comes to aging, Geller’s dad demonstrated the positive, take-action attitude he learned from “The Six Elements of Wealth” model that served him well as a young man and still applies. It’s a model he follows to age gracefully and be mindful each day.

To pay tribute to fathers everywhere and their ageless life lessons, we’re sharing the ways Gellar’s dad applied, “The Six Elements of Wealth” to aging. You too can get the best out of life at any age.


Your time alive is finite. Be choosy about how and with whom you spend your time. Spend life’s precious moments with those you care about most.


Even if you’re born smart, wisdom takes time to develop. Stay in the moment and remember: you’re never too old to learn something new.


No matter what your challenge, use your best assets to your greatest advantage. Gellar’s dad found he got first-rate medical care by using his strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with doctors to learn how he could help himself.


Gellar believes that his dad’s ability to create strong networks of friends and supporters are what has reinforced his sense of value, even as he ages.

Gellar says his dad’s strength and resilience prove that no matter how old he is his life lessons just get more valuable. And Gellar is paying attention.

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  1. Bee

    Wonderful lessons for life and aging. I’m turning 50 tomorrow and this is the first positive thing on the web that I have found on aging. As I ponder turning a half century, this reminded me how important it is to set a good example of aging with grace for my own children. Tell your Dad thanks, I needed that!

    • Jennifer Harrell

      Bee, happy birthday and thank you for your kind words. we agree!

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