Did You Know There’s an App For Making Advance Directives?

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People often ask us how technology can make End-of-Life management easier on individuals and healthcare providers. A great example is the new ‘app’ from the American Bar Association that stores your Advance Directive on your iPhone or Android phone.
The app, called My Health Care Wishes, will help alleviate the problem of people writing their Advance Directives only to store them where they can’t be found in a crisis. “Advance Directives aren’t useful unless they’re available when a problem comes up,” said president of the American Bar Association Jim Silkenat.

My Health Care Wishes lets you share your Advance Directive (as well as other health information) with physicians or healthcare professionals via email or Bluetooth.

“Digitally transmitted documents have the same legal authority as a signed and witnessed form on paper,” said Silkenat, who uses the app himself. “We’ve tested the app with health care providers, family members and health insurers and it works great.”

The app is available for download in two versions: The free app lets you store one person’s healthcare information while the ‘pro-version’ offers unlimited storage for any number of people and, “includes click-to-call and click-to-email features that let you send information instantly.”

If you don’t own a smartphone, here are some other ways you can store your Advance Directives online:

  • An emailable document stored on any phone or tablet
  • A free file-sharing site like Dropbox
  • A free cloud-based storage system like MyDirectives
  • For a $45 annual fee, there are online services like DocuBank that make healthcare documents available 24/7 with a phone call

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter whether you use My Health Care Wishes or some other digital platform; the goal is to have your Advance Directive handy when you need it.

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