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If you’re caring for an ill or elder loved one, you know just how challenging that role can be. You may also know that relief and respite resources can make all the difference for both your loved one’s care and your peace of mind.
We found a story that describes tips and services that can be essential for those in a caregiver role:

Organize support
Keep a list of helpful people like family, friends and neighbors to call for help when you need support or a break.

Use professional services
Most communities offer free or subsidized services to help seniors and caregivers with meals, transportation, companionship, respite care and more.

Get financial help
Make managing bills easier by setting up automatic payments. Professional financial managers and online services can also help manage basic monthly finances.

Engage insurance
Verifiy if your loved one has long-term care insurance. Contact Medicare, Medicaid and other state programs that provide free financial and insurance counseling.

Use technology
Consider a low-cost, medical alert device that allows your loved one to call for help if needed. These are available through many online resources. You may also consider an online home monitoring system.

Go online
Keep a list of websites that provide useful caregiving information and support.

Hire help
Consider someone to provide in-home help to prepare meals, manage laundry and handle other basic services. Ask for referrals from friends, physicians or hospitals.
Geriatric Care Managers can also help manage and facilitate many aspects of your loved one’s care.

Don’t forget to make your own health a priority through rest, exercise and breaks. Good care for your loved one begins with taking care of yourself.

Read the story here.


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