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Welcome to Part 3 of the Passare Expert Series, a forum to provide our experts an opportunity to speak directly to you. Today we’re introducing Passare Expert Contributor Nancy Rust, co-founder of Y Collaborative, a consulting service that helps people learn about, plan for and reduce stress surrounding End-of-Life matters.
Nancy is also a Certified Senior Advisor and Hospice volunteer who provides families and organizations with valuable End-of-Life resources, including Y Collaborative’s Workbook: Put Life in Order. Put Worry Away.

Passare: Welcome Nancy. Thank you for being a Passare contributing partner. Please tell us how you became involved in End-of-Life planning and consulting.

Nancy: I became passionate about End-of-Life planning after two friends became ill at about the same time with cancer. Each took a different approach to manage her respective diagnosis.

One prepared well for her inevitable End-of-Life. She educated herself and made decisions with her loved ones. She put her life’s matters in order and her preferences in writing. She passed away peacefully at home with family around her.

The other remained in denial during her illness. Although an astute business executive, she didn’t communicate with loved ones about her End-of-Life. She passed away in pain at a hospital without her final matters in order.

Their different approaches made it clear to me that planning, education, documentation and communication greatly impact a person’s End-of-Life experience

End- of- Life conversations don’t have to be painful or time-consuming, but it can change so much about how you live and enjoy your last days.

Passare: Why is planning for healthcare crises important if we aren’t ill or elderly today?

Nancy: Crises and accidents happen every day, but never to us. There’s no way around the emotions you will have when it happens to you or a loved one. Planning ahead, talking with those you love, making decisions and putting them in writing needn’t be overwhelming or time-consuming! It helps avoid stressful dynamics that occur when no plan is in place.

Read Nancys full interview here.

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