An App That Turns Final Words Into Art

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We found an interesting story about an iPad app that uses art to let you say goodbye to your loved ones.
The app is called ‘The Last of Me’ and it turns your final words into personalized art prints that can be sent to your family and friends when you pass away.

The app creator Corina Tan wanted to create a service that would empower people to deal with the topic of death and the profound effect it can have on those left behind. “The messages can be anything from advice to life mottos to even a phrase that you use every day,” Tan said. “It could be a message showing how you feel, a last goodbye or even a movie quote that sums up your attitude to life.”

The app user’s information is stored in the app’s database and compared with death registers. When the user’s death has been verified, his or her final message is produced and delivered as physical art prints.

“The app helps us be remembered by others when we’re gone, but its main aim is to trigger people to starting thinking about death, regardless of whether they use the app of not,” Tan said. “It gives users peace of mind, knowing they are leaving something behind to make the grieving experience better for their loved ones.”

Tan began thinking of a service that could help those in palliative care but realized it could also help healthy people face their own mortality. “In a palliative stage, death is a natural topic; it is something that you can’t ignore anymore. But if a person does it when we are still healthy, the topic is more approachable and you can take more time to think about it and plan for it,” she said.

The app began as a thesis project and is still in its early stages. Tan is currently looking for funding and development assistant to release the app.

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