Healing After Losing a Loved One

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From the moment someone we love becomes seriously ill or passes away, our life is never the same. Yet it can be happy, healthy and fulfilling again. Enjoying or exploring new activities after a loss is important.

Grieving Your Loss.

Expressing your grief will help you to heal. Take time to reflect on your loved one’s life and remember the positive experiences that you shared together. Remember, grief is a process that may take time. Be patient with yourself.

Talking with family and friends, hospice professionals, bereavement experts and spiritual advisors can help you process feelings of grief and begin to focus on the reality of your “new normal.”

Finding Your New Normal.

Consider these suggestions to ease yourself back into your new reality of living without your loved one:


Join a bereavement support group
Talking with others who have experienced a similar situation can help you understand your feelings

Do something new
Enroll in an adult education or fitness class, join a book club or volunteer. Acquiring new skills, interacting with others and staying physically active can promote healing.

Use your loss

Establish a tribute to your loved one
Consider setting up an online memorial site, scholarship, plaque, scrapbook or charitable contributions to honor their memory. Share your loved one’s unique story to inspire others.

Share your knowledge to help another
Contact a medical association, hospice provider or support group and ask how you may help others who are experiencing a loved one’s End-of-Life.

Gain perspective

Talk to a therapist or grief counselor
Talking through your feelings and experiences with an objective, dedicated listener may help you process your grief and set new goals for happiness

Express yourself creatively
Write a story or poem, make a music or video recording, or keep a journal. Expressing thoughts and feelings can help release your emotions.

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