Key Things to do After a Loved One Passes Away

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Losing someone close to you is a challenging time of grief and loss. Begin by allowing yourself to mourn. Take care of yourself and your family, and allow yourself to connect with supportive friends.
Give yourself time to reflect on positive experiences you shared with your loved one. Talking with bereavement counselors or hospice professionals may help you begin to process your grief.

There are also many practical End-of-Life matters to settle during this time. Some intial important tasks to take care of include:

Gather Important Documents

  • Locate your loved one’s will, birth, marriage and death certificates, and other vital records.
  • Locate Social Security card; Veterans Administration and Medicare cards; and any employer W2 forms
  • Request copies of your loved one’s death certificate from your funeral service provider or your county office

Verify Benefits

Notify Insurance and Change Titles

  • Notify automobile, business, home, life and health insurance companies
  • File claims for all policies in your loved one’s name
  • Provide a certified copy of your loved one’s death certificate with each claim
  • Change the beneficiary name on all insurance policies
  • Revise titles on your vehicle(s), and home(s)

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