Trends in End-of-Life Celebrations

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As modern culture continues to change, the choices people make to celebrate End-of-Life will continue to evolve too.
With Baby Boomers beginning to retire this year, it’s still too early to tell how they will leave their mark on funeral ceremonies. But one thing is certain, many don’t want somber occasions; they want funerals to be celebrations of how they and their parents lived their lives.

Below are some more trends we’re seeing in End-of-Life celebrations in the United States.

Green Funerals

As eco-consciousness grows in society, green funerals are growing with it. Many funeral directors today offer green ceremonies to meet these clients’ needs.

But what is a green funeral? A green funeral may include any or all of the following eco-friendly features:

• A small funeral ceremony gathering in a natural setting
• Embalming with formaldehyde-free products
• A casket that is biodegradable and nontoxic
• Natural grave markers like flat rocks, plants or trees.
Some cemeteries even provide GPS coordinates for families to visit a natural grave.
• Funeral flowers that are organic and locally-grown
• Organic food served at the reception

Funeral Technology

Many people are using the Internet to share their final passage with family and friends. Since most funerals occur shortly after a person passes, it can be difficult for every family member and friend to attend. That’s why some funeral homes are offering a live online broadcast of the funeral service that can be archived on the funeral home’s website for later viewing.

Many funeral homes also offer memorial DVDs that include photographs and music that can be shown at the funeral service and given away as keepsakes.

New Face of the Profession

Another trend relates to the people who offer funerals. In a traditionally male driven industry, today 57% of mortuary science students are women. Many women are drawn to the industry because of the skillset needed to be a funeral director, like empathetic communication skills, a desire to comfort those coping with a death, as well as organizational and event-planning skills.

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  1. LifeMoments

    LifeMoments loves this blog! Blessings.


    One of the best parties I ever attended was a funeral. Far from the traditional funeral and wake, this was truly a celebration of that persons life. There was a live band, a chinese buffet and although tears were flowing, it allowed everyone to properly externalize their grief.

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