Do You Know the Benefits of an End-of-Life Financial Plan? shutterstock 355736189 Do You Know the Benefits of an End of Life Financial Plan?

End-of-Life financial planning is a topic that most people prefer to think about later, rather than sooner.
End-of-Life matters can feel overwhelming and the financial planning part can seem even more so. Yet planning ahead is essential to help you and your loved ones manage the costs associated with this inevitable life passage. Just as End-of-Life is an inevitable part of life, so is managing the costs for final care and services.

What is an End-of-Life Financial Plan?

End-of Life financial planning is a process that includes reviewing your financial situation, evaluating choices and making decisions that will ultimately become your plan for funding your End-of-Life matters.

Benefits of End-of-Life Financial Planning

There are many benefits to End-of-Life financial planning, including:

Peace of mind
Planning ahead reduces the financial burden on you and your loved ones when you near End-of-Life or pass away

Financial savings
Planning reduces overspending that may occur when loved ones must determine how to pay for End-of-Life care and services under significant emotional stress

Enables care choice
End-of-Life care and accommodations can be expensive; financial planning helps ensure that you receive the type of care you want

Preserves your assets
Financial planning helps protect your assets from probate court and reduces estate taxes after you pass away

Provides for loved ones
Planning allows you to help your loved ones through life insurance, wills, estate plans or trusts

Allows personal control
A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to design a service to fit your budget and pay in advance to freeze costs at today’s prices

Ensures decisions are honored
Organizing your finances helps your loved ones carry out your final wishes after you pass away

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