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We want to share a story about a grief support app that helps people who have lost loved ones connect and create their own local grief support network.
The new “Grief Support Network” app was launched by the online grief support non-profit My Grief Angels just in time for what can be one of the most difficult times of the year, the holidays. For many of the 10 million people in the United States and 250 million worldwide that will grieve alone this year, the memory of past celebrations with their loved ones can often trigger painful grief attacks.

This new free app can help.

For anyone that doesn’t want to grieve alone, the “Grief Network Support” app lets you connect locally with other people who are grieving anytime, anywhere. Individuals, families, friends, co-workers or any group can create their own local community support networks and the app’s proximity-based live chat feature also lets users see who from their network is nearby and available to chat 24/7.

“After the service, everyone leaves, and we are left alone in our painful grief. I lost my brother unexpectedly the Friday after Thanksgiving, so this time of the year is a rough time for me,” writes Gelcy Capote of Miami, Florida on the Grief Support Network. “Through this app, just knowing people are there and seeing their lights in the app’s “Angels Near” map is comforting in itself, even without a word exchanged.”

The app’s “Angels Wall” lets users post messages seeking the support of others who have faced a similar loss. One of the first postings on the “Grief Support Network” was from a grieving daughter in Boston who reached out to others who had parents who were victims of early onset Alzheimer’s.

In a national survey conducted by My Grief Angels, “Over 80% of the respondents did not feel prepared to deal with the death of their loved one” and the vast majority of responders also believe that more needs to be done to educate people on grief and the impact it can have on our health and our families.

That is why the new app includes a Grief Health feature that can help educate users by providing links to articles and information sources. The free app also provides users with access to selections of calming videos, photos and sounds.

The “Grief Support Network” app is now available through Amazon Apps, Google Play Apps and soon in iTunes Apps.

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  1. cb

    Thank you. The Grief wall postings hit home for me and the information on how grief can affect health very helpful.

  2. Nephi

    What I find so inetresting is you could never find this anywhere else.

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