Girl’s Final Wish Lives On After Death

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Back to Blog shutterstock 342656933 Girl’s Final Wish Lives On After Death Natalia Marsh Welton make a wish final wish Family death Childrens Grief Byron Marsh Welton We want to share a touching story about a little girl whose last wish to help others has lived on after her death.
The amazing little girl’s name was Natalia Marsh-Welton (11) and her final wish came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In February, Natalia and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave out blankets and soup to the homeless at the Drop Inn Center in Cincinnati. Natalia said the idea came while fighting her inoperable brain tumor. After her treatments, Natalie often felt cold; that’s when she came up with the idea to help warm the world from the inside out with blankets and soup.

Natalia collected more than 600 blankets and even though she was going through cancer treatment, she found the strength to return to the Drop Inn Center on her birthday in October.

Sadly, Natalia passed away November 12th.

“To have a kid at that age that’s so full of love for other people, she gets excited about helping and volunteering. That’s all a mom can really ask for,” said Natalia’s mother Kelly Marsh-Welton, who couldn’t be prouder of her daughter.

Her younger brother, Malakye Marsh-Welton, said his sister had a huge heart. “I know everybody misses her because of all the good things she has done when she was still alive,” said Malakye.

Natalia’s father, Byron Marsh-Welton, did not realize how far his daughter’s kindness would spread. “Even overseas, we got some information about somebody doing it overseas and I was like, ‘We did not realize how big this was going to be,’” said Byron Marsh-Welton.

Natalia’s family hoped her mission and message would live on and by all accounts it has. Even after her passing, donations are still pouring in. “I hope that people (will continue to) use her as an inspiration. Maybe it won’t be soup and blankets, maybe it will be care packages for soldiers or toys for kids,” said Kelly Marsh-Welton.

Natalia’s family plans to visit another homeless shelter soon to keep her dream alive and will always visit a shelter on Natalia’s birthday to honor her final wish.

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