Choosing the Right Guardian for Dependents

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Back to Blog shutterstock 241898656 Choosing the Right Guardian for Dependents Legal Guardian guardian Family end of life planning Dependents Caring for and raising your family is one of life’s most rewarding privileges. Have you ever thought about who would manage this responsibility if you couldn’t?

It’s something no one wants to consider. Yet choosing a legal guardian for your dependents is among the most important decisions you’ll make when putting your final matters in order. Once accomplished, it may bring you more peace of mind than just about anything else.

If you have children under age 18 or others that rely on you for their physical and financial support, it’s essential that you name a legal guardian in your will who will be responsible for their care if you are unable or pass away.

What’s a Legal Guardian?

A legal guardian is a person or persons you appoint to take legal responsibility for the personal and property interests of your dependent children or adults if you are unable or pass away. A legal guardian essentially assumes your parental role – caring and providing for your children or dependents in every way, including physically, emotionally and financially.

Why and How Should I Appoint a Guardian?

If you pass away or become unable to care for your dependents without a will in place or you do not name a guardian in your will, the court determines who gets custody of your dependents.

Name the guardian(s) you want to be legally responsible to raise and provide for your children or other dependents if you become unable in your will or trust. Consult a family law attorney to help you meet the requirements for appointing a legal guardian.

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