3 Reasons People Plan Ahead for Funeral Wishes

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Most people know that it’s important to plan ahead for retirement, weddings, education expenses, and purchasing a home…but not many people think about planning ahead for a funeral. For every other milestone in life, we will have the support of our closest loved ones every step of the way. But funerals are different. Unless a funeral is planned in advance, we must face the difficult task of making arrangements without the help of the one who has died, all while experiencing intense pain and grief.

Creating a funeral plan is a simple process that we discussed in this blog. People choose to plan ahead for funeral wishes for a variety of reasons. You may wish to protect your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions alone, or you may want to help your family save money. Some people have specific preferences that they wish to document, such as having a green, eco-friendly burial, making an anatomical donation, or having a big party where loved ones can celebrate the life that has been lived.

Below are the three main reasons people choose to plan ahead for final wishes:

1. Family

Family is the number one reason people plan funerals in advance. Without a plan, loved ones are left in the dark, having to make difficult decisions at an emotionally painful time. When you plan ahead, be sure to make your preferences clear about whether you want cremation or burial, and how you want your life to be celebrated.

2. Finances

Savings is the second reason. A plan reduces “emotional overspending” that often occurs when families are under stress. A simple yet thoughtful plan can save loved ones hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

3. Future

No one knows what the future holds. But we do know one thing: none of us are promised tomorrow. The future may be uncertain, but we can do something today that will make a difference in the lives of our loved ones.

Planning ahead is easy, and it’s free. Contact your trusted, local funeral provider to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with a professional funeral planning specialist.

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